Re: Disable Corolla Seatbelt beep

Here is your solution to the annoying seatbelt alarm (works on all
Toyotas, I used it on my 2005 Corolla and yes, I always use my

(1) Turn the Car "ON," but do not start the engine (leave your foot
off the brake, don't fasten seatbelt). Cycle your trip reset knob
until it reads ODO. Turn the ignition back off. Wait a couple of
(2) Make sure your seat belt is not fastened.
(3) Turn the ignition back on, do not start the car (leave your foot
off the break, don't fasten seat belt). As soon as you see
everything light up, press and hold the trip reset knob and do a long
12 second count.
(4) Keep your finger on the trip reset knob. Fasten your seat belt.
As soon as you fasten your seat belt, you should see the ODO display go
from XXXX miles to "b-on." At that time, take your finger off the
trip reset knob and it should cycle to "b-off." If it doesn't,
just press the knob again until "b-off" appears. Once "b-off"
appears, turn the ignition off and unfasten your seat belt. Now, when
you start your car, you should hear the "normal" seatbelt beeping,
then when you go over 10 mph, if your seatbelt is not fastened, it
won't beep 54 times... the seatbelt signal will just continue to
flash... but no more annoying beep!!