Re: Tires

A 215/45x17 is a direct replacement of the 195/70x14s that you have now.

"Scott Dorsey" <kludge@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
So, the 2002 came with 165-13 rims, which were okay until I could no
get 165-13 tires. That's when I replaced them with some newer rims from
(I think) a 328, which take 195/70R14 tires which were fine for a long

Now I'm finding it difficult to get anything in 195/70R14.... I really
the Goodyear F-1s but they don't make them in that size any more. The
Aquatreads were okay, a little hard and a little skittery on grooved
but okay. But, they don't make them in that size any more. So I went
the Michelin Hydro-Edge, which wasn't bad. But, although they claim to
it in that size, they don't actually ship any and they have been
at the distributor since November 2009. So, I tried a Sumitomo tire,
was discontinued almost days after I put them on.

Is it time for me to change rims again. If so, any recommendations?
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