Re: Central locking problem / question

Jeff Strickland wrote:
Good luck.

I took my driver side door lacth out because the window did not drop and raise properly, and found the defective switch. There are three switches on the door latches, my guess is there are two on the hatch latch. I'm not so interested in unlocking the doors from the trunk, but I like locking the doors from there, and unlocking the trunk from the door.

One thing you might find is a broken wire in the bundle that passes between the body and the hatch. As you open and close the hatch, there is a wire bundle that flexes, and a flexed wire will eventually break.

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I know what the deadlock position is and its in the middle. This happens
when its supposed to be "free" to lock or unlock. I now believe its in
the lock area in the hatch so I will get in there and find it.

Thank you for the reply.


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"Glenn" <fake@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have a 1995 BMW 318Ti and I need advise. My hatch will lock the doors
> but not unlock them.

Probably a fault.

> And my doors will not lock or unlock the hatch. Any ideas?

Hatch door is deadlocked and so will not open with other doors (correct
operation). Turn lock to normal.

> Thank you in advance to any and all suggestions.
> Glenn

Or perhaps not