Re: Central locking problem / question

Thank you VERY much for the help. Now I know where to look. I can skin
the hatch door myself and see if I can't "see" the problem or just
change out the offending parts.

Thanks again


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"Jeff Strickland" <crwlr@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

All of the locks on the car are operated through a mechanical action when
they are operated locally (with the key). The key turns the lock and the
latch is locked or unlocked. The lock mechanism strikes a switch depending
on which way you twist the key. By your description, your doors work
properly -- the other door locks or unlocks, as the case may be.

Operating the other locks remotely is an electrical action. The key turns
the lock, which strikes a switch to operate the remaining locks. By your
description, both doors will lock or unlock the other door but never operate
the hatch, and the hatch will operate the doors for one operation but not
the other.

My guess is, the hatch solenoid is not working because neither door will
operate the hatch lock, and the hatch lock has one of two switches with a
sticky linkage that affects the switch operation. A malfunctioning hatch
lock will cause the doors to lock but not unlock, or vice versa. And the
malfunctioning solenoid in the hatch will cause the hatch lock to not
respond to the door locks. All of your problems are in the hatch.

"Glenn" <fake@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a 1995 BMW 318Ti and I need advise. My hatch will lock the doors
but not unlock them. And my doors will not lock or unlock the hatch. Any

Thank you in advance to any and all suggestions.