Re: Dodgy BMW Professional Audio. What are my options?

SteveL wrote:

I have an E36 BMW 330i . The in car audio is the original BMW Pro -
augmented with a Dension IceLink Ipod connector.

I think the head is on its way out. It will often fail to see the
Dension, then when I connected back the CD changer to troubleshoot it
fails to see that as well ("NO DISCS" on the display).


What are my options?

I'm thinking.

1) Buy a total new independent system but then I lose the steering
wheel controls don't I? (and that's somehow important surprisingly).

2) Straight swap with another head of the same model.

3) Upgrade whole system to a newer BMW audio system (with hopefully
better options).

Any others?

if 3) does this have to be done at a BMW dealership?? I got quoted
£184 just to have my current system *looked at*??? I'm not wanting for
cash but that's ridiculous, and I shudder to think what they'd charge
for a system replacement.

Think about DICE iPod integration. Explore at
purchase at :
I installed the Dice IpodIntegration Kit in my E39 and love it. This recommendation assumes your BMW radio
is fine except for trouble talking to your Denison IceLink.
Support at Dice was very good! Talk to them.