Re: How long do BMWs last? Danger of buying used?

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> A very big DITTO... you cannot depend on the Stealer to work on your car.

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> >> Went for a ride in a BMW coupe the other day "E46" with sport
> >> package. Wow, what a car. 325 Ci.

> >> 2. Is there a danger in buying a used BMW which is "non-certified"?
> >> ie are there parts that go bad but are hard to spot for the layman?

> > There's not much special attention that a BMW needs over any other
> > car. As with most cars, oil changes are the most important thing. I
> > bought a certified car from BMW but there were still things wrong with
> > it. Looking back, I'd had rather paid less for a non-certified car
> > and used the money for fixing things if necessary.

> >>From my experience, and many others, the danger of buying a BMW with
> > the intention of having BMW do any servicing etc is that you'll turn
> > into an angry and bitter person having to deal with the monkeys at the
> > dealerships.

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Who can you depend on to work on your car if not a dealer? Wouldn't
they know the most about it and what it needs? I would think there
would be enough dealers that you'd be able to find a competent one.-

You'd have thought so but I've been through about 4 so far.

Couldn't agree more. Got a '93 325i so needs a little more care than something new. Took my car to a quality independent, came out performing shedloads better than when it went in i.e. putting my foot down in sport mode now scares me... in a good way, plus mileage was improved by around 25%

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