Re: Alternative LED bulbs - ECU confusion?

Dave Plowman (News) wrote:
In article <ucevh3teiaq74b4pcpbnqtpb3ik6j18oq3@xxxxxxx>,
bjn <elvis@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The point is that these LED replacement bulbs are *inferior* in every
respect to the tungsten ones - apart from perhaps life.

The point is, that statement is your opinion based upon what you see as
important, and not a fact. Other people may see other things as
important, and therefore have different opinions.

I *think* I've made it clear that my objection consists of the brightness
of LED replacements 'off axis' compared to filament types. And so far none
has contradicted me.

You may feel it's your 'human right' to have turn signals that can't be
seen from the sides in high ambient light levels. If so, I hope it is you
that suffers from such vanity rather than innocent parties.

You must be an amazing guy to chat to - given you always make something more from what a person says

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