Re: Help: E28 Turns Over But Won't "Catch" After 6 Mos Sitting

On Sat, 12 May 2007 05:46:39 GMT, Scoobey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Help! My '85 535i had a dead battery and sat for 6 mos (under a car cover).
Now the battery's good, 1/4 tank of good gas, turns over just fine but the
engine won't catch. I've jiggled all the fuses, disconnected and reconnected
the battery negative cable to reset the computers, still just runs the
starter without catching. I know there's a ton of info out there on "no
start" problems, but I'm hoping the fact that it ran great before it sat so
long will help rule out some of the possible problems. Where do I begin?
TIA!! Scoobey

Sounds like a dealer re-program ???

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