Re: Engine Replacement

It was a local shop that ived had do work before. They do Dealer level work
for less the the dealership would. Ive compared alot of items in the past
and they have always been alot cheaper.


"SharkmanBMW" <sharkmanbmw at gmail dot com> wrote in message
What "shop"??

Was that a Dealer???!!!

You can buy a flawless, beautiful e34 or e39 for less.

"Branden Nelsen" <brandenn@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a 99' 528i. That recently the engine died on. All 4 cylinders are
filled with Oil. The Shop indicates that I need a new motor in it, I was
wondering if these are good quotes for a normal replacement:

Engine 1
53,000 Mi
$6000 - Motor
$2000 - Labor
Total Est: $8000

Engine 2
120,000 Mi
$4500 - Motor
$2000 - Labor
Total Est: $6500

Now these are rough est. and it could be more or less depending on what
needs replaced in the end (Hoses, Water pump etc...) Are those ok prices
on a used engine installed?

Thank you,

Branden Nelsen

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