Re: Is it possible to ADD the DVD navigation??

"Nobody" <nobody@xxxxxxx> wrote
If the only car available in the color I want is one without navigation,
is it possible for the dealer to add the factory original in dash OEM DVD
navigation system?

I don't believe that you can add it, since nav requires iDrive, and a
different wiring harness.

Another option I'm curious about being dealer installable or end user
installable is xenon headlights. Is this just a matter of ordering up the
xenon lights off the net and putting them in myself? or is there different
wiring, any electronics anywhere, any difference in the dashboard icons,

Xenon is not really addable. It requires the headlight washers, a different
wiring harness and power supply, and a completely different headlight
assembly because of the bi-xenon feature. There are ways to do it,
but it wouldn't be legal and probably wouldn't provide better illumination
than the halogens.

Just out of curiousity, and this is probably a stupid idea that might hurt
the value of the car, but is it possible to change the color of the car
very easily? I mean, to get a factory quality paint finish would likely
mean disassembling the car down to the frame right? probably not a good

Definitely not a good idea. Definitely expensive - I would guess over $10K.