Re: big problems please help

"Dave Plowman (News)" <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
liney <roychallis014@xxxxxxx> wrote:
my friends 1992 520i needed servicing so we did it as it was a cheap
car. he later went on to look on a website for ways to reset serv/insp
lights and tried bridging 7/14/19 in the inspection socket wich clearly
didnt work. any1 with ideas what has happened and how to fix it your
help would be great cheers

There must be a million articles out there on how to do this.

But all you need to do is ground pin 11 then switch on the ignition
without starting the engine. Then turn off when the oil service lights
re-set. To re-set the inspection light leave on longer.

It should be 7 & 19.
There is a different (and easier) way to do modern cars (e46, etc.)
Pin 14 is 12v. Shorting that to ground (pin 19) and the service interval
Pin 7,
is *NOT* a good thing. As some other people have mentioned, you've
probably fried something.