Re: BMW 520i SE - overheating problem - help please

I have now been told by my garage that the gasket head or the head
gasket is damaged and needs replacing. He has advised me it will cost
at the highest £1400. Can anyone who knows let me know 1) is it worth
doing 2) What should it cost 3) Can anyone recommend anyone to do the
good repairer in Manchester?

Thanks for the responses I have received so far. The information has
been spot on a real help to me.

Thanks T

T's wrote:
I have and love my BMW 520i SE, 1998 Range. I recently travelled to
Devon 260 miles away. On the very last ten miles it started to
overheat when I got caught up in a traffic jam. When the traffic
started flowing the temp dropped. I arrived at the camp and called the
RAC who advised that it could be the Viscous fan and thermostate. I
had these changed and found the radiator has burst on the seam. I had
some radweld but on and was advised that it was a temp job. I left it
all week whilst on holiday. On the day of leaving the battery was
flat. I jumped it and got ten miles in journey and it overheated again
and cut out on me. I called out the RAC who brought me home. To date I
have had the fan changed, the thermostate, radiator and the water pump
changed but this does not seem to have resolved the problem. Can
anyone give me a clue what else could be wrong with it. The engine
still sounds sweet - no banging etc. Hope to hear soon. T