Re: E34 535i - Overheating

I don't know what speedflush is but thi smight be a little better.

When you flush your cooling system you want to get rid of two things,
oils and rust/scale.

First run a cupfool of tide (or similar) liquid laundry detergent. This
cuts all the oils out. Flush with water. Now you can attack the rust
and scale with some chemical that can actually get to it now that
they're no longer being shielded by an oily barrier.

The safest and stongest chemical to use is citric acid or "sour salt".
Any good Mercedes dealer has an auuterly charming white plactic
cannister they sell the stuff in as radiator flush. It's not actually
not that expensive and is a damn convenient plance to keep it. A paper
or plastic bag of a random caustic white power is not cool.

You won't have to do this twice. It works reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal good.

If you're still having a problem a bottle of Redline water wetter
will increase the efficiency of your cooling system. A lot of friends
in the US south swear by this stuff although it sounds like you may
not need it.

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