Re: E46 M3 2 small lights in trhe dash board

sgfan3 wrote:
One more thing...I've not observed the lights when that are bright. They've always remained "out".

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On my 2001 M3 (USA) there are 2 small red lights about 6 inches apart on the dash board in front of the instrument cluster. I have checked the owner's manual and it makes no mention of these lights. They are about the size if the windshield washer jets and the red leds (I think that's what they are) point right at the driver as if to warn me of something. Anyone know what these are? TIA

These do not sound stock. I've never seen an E46/M3 with such lights. I'd have to guess that someone installed an aftermarket alarm or something and these are the warning lights. When you say "in front of the instrument cluster" - do you mean the recessed surface in front of the cluster? There is nothing there stock from the factory.