Re: 745LI speedo problems?

liteflyer 1 wrote:
thanks for the reponse. I plan on checking the speedo out by using a
pace car with a known good speedo.

You'd be better off using a GPS if you want to know the actual speed. If you're just trying to acertain that your speedo is "normal" than you can compare it as you say.

As to the brake lights, every car I
have ever had or seen, the brake and other lights in general always
worked without the ignition being on. The lights have always been an
indepentant system from the ignition, at least on US cars. If someone
is on the side of the road or the ignition fails and you hit the
brakes, they should work as well as the brake lights. It is a safety

I don't get it. Yes, I've noticed that the brake lights worked without the key on some US made cars , but I fail to see how this is a "safety issue". To begin with, the ignition failing is a very rare occurrance. And if/when it does, it would be when you attempt to start the car, not while it is running down the road. In the rare circumstance that the ignition switch did fail while underway, your main problem would be lack of power assist to the brakes and steering, not whether the brake lights were coming on...

I havn't checked it out yet, but this could mean that the em
flashers will not work if the ignition is off.

You will find the emergency flashers (aka hazards) work just fine with the key removed.


-Fred W