Re: 2000 BMW Z3 Power Convertible Top Stopped Working!

<nathan_cowan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi,
> The other day I attempted to put the top down on my BMW Z3 2.3 and
> absolutely nothing happened. The motor didn't run, couldn't hear it at
> all and of course top didn't move. I assumed the motor has burned out.
> I had noticed the past few months, the motor seemed to struggle a
> little. My question is how do I find this part? I've been trying to
> get a part number so I could order it but have googled and searched
> everywhere and have found no references to it. Does anybody know where
> I can find one (not just a shop or eCommerce store, but the actually
> part number or name of the part)? I did find reference to an
> electronic control module, but not sure if that's what I actually need.
> Any help or guidance would be much appreciated! It may be that I'm
> not using the right keywords, i figured I could easily find references
> to it w/ Convertible top motor, or something like that, but no luck.
> Thanks,
> Nathan
I believe that I would debug the problem just a little bit more. It could
be that the motor has burned out, but you are just assuming that. It might
be that the mechanism is binding which contributed to the motor problem. It
could be that the cutoff switch has burned out. Doesn't the Bentley manual
show the parts in question?

Merely replacing the motor without really understanding the problem is just
throwing parts at the situation.