Re: 1991 318is overheating

"John Burns" <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> 1) Nice car :-)

Thanks, but I'm pretty sure the engine isn't an M42. I think it's either an
E30 or an E36 - but I don't know how to tell the difference. 1991 was
apparently a weird year; even the dealers can't tell for sure which parts it
takes unless they _see_ it - not even from the VIN#.

> 2) Join, your local chapter will tell you about a good
> independant specialiast and you'll get the best car magazine your ever
> likely to read!

Thanks for the tip. :^)

> 3) M42s have a timing case profile gasket between the front of the head
> and block. You need to remove the head to replace it. On your car it was
> made from a poor material and can fail. Normally it goes BIG time, if
> you were able to top up the coolant and drive again this may not be the
> problem.
> 4) If it only overheats in traffic it's maybe just a bad fan clutch.
> 5) Failing the above it could be the head gasket or a sticking
> thermostat.
>> I noticed this when steam started to come out of the heater ducts while
>> in
>> traffic. The needle was near the red. On opening the hood I saw signs
>> of
>> leakage on the oil pan flange area on the left side.
>> I got the car to a dealer in Glendale (Pacific BMW) and signed up for an
>> estimate. That was $115. What ever happened to the days of *free*
>> estimates?
>> I got a call from the dealer a couple of days later. They told me that
>> they
>> couldn't see where the leak was and if I wanted them to investigate
>> further
>> it would co$t me another $575 to pull the intake manifold. Mind you,
>> that
>> was on _top_ of the $115, and would still be part of the estimate!
>> Actually
>> _fixing_ the problem was not included.


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