Re: Adding a Garmin to a 1984 MBZ 240D

On 07/02/2012 04:42, Tiger wrote:
Just bend whatever you need to do to get it to contact.

As for hardwiring, use the scotch-splice... no need to cut at all.

As for the radio... you do have switched positive... cigarette lighter
is also switched positive... Look at your radio harness... the red wire
from the radio is for switched positive... from factory wiring, it can
be any color... just splice the wire from this position and you are okay
with the GPS. Just make sure you got the positive wire right on the GPS.

Thanks again Trader4 and Tiger.

I looked hard at the area where that copper lump in the left side of the tray was supposed to complete the circuit to the lighter but I doubt that now. What is it for then?

I can't see any way to connect that red wire to the base of the cigar lighter. At that base there are two contacts and I would need some device that could connect that red plug to those two contacts.

My MBZ manual (series 123, Vol 2, page 82-909) shows the way to set up the radio and the lighter but it seems that the bums who installed the radio mucked it up.


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