Re: 'brake lining wear' warning

Front Mercedes brake pads has tons of dust... it doesn't matter what model
you got. The rear Mercedes brake pads has almost no dust.

Currently on the market, Akebono Euro Pads is the best... no dust and stops
great in all conditions. It is on the pricy side but nowhere near factory
brake pad price at the dealer.

I get the idea from Karl's experience I have done so myself. However, I hate
factory pads, not just because of dust, but the performance is real bad too.
If you want all around good performance and much less dust, it would be the
PBR Ultimate Ceramic Pads... I think generally speaking ceramic pads are
great... regardless of brand.

The PBR Metal Master is a great performer but also old tech... tried and
true... however, this sucks on the first stop... especially when cold...
However, once warmed up from the first stop, it is an outstanding pad.

For most people, I would say go for the Akebono Euro Brake pads... if that
is too pricy, then try the PBR Ultimate... if that is too pricy, then go for
the PBR Plus or Raybestos QS.