Re: 560 sec

I have an 86 sec, have put lots of money and time into it. It is a classy
looking car and cost over 60k new. But it is a very complicated piece of
machinery, lots of things to go wrong. Some things you can work on yourself
and EBay is a gold mine of new and used parts. I had to send the speedometer
to Texas to have the odometer repaired. Bought a used cruise control
actuator on EBay, also new armrest cover and steering wheel cover.
The car has lots of power, but you will get about 14 mpg on high test.

"islandmech" <gtweiss@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am considering buying a 560SEC and was wondering what pitfalls there
are with these cars... ie engines/suspensions etc. I own a 300SD so am
familiar with the general stuff on these 126 series cars... Thanks for
any advice