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If your car has not been sagging in the rear, the valve is almost
certainly all right. The web page you sent a link to was interersting
and relevant. It also made me appreciate having a California car and
living in the desert. The corrosion visible in those pictures is
disturbing. My car is 25 years old and once you wipe the grease and
accumulated dirt off parts the surfaces look like new. I 125 miles
north of Mojave, where the airplane lease companies park the airliners
they don't have leased at the time.

Hehe i remember thinking how clean it was on that one, you should see what
salty roads do to old cars round here, not pretty!

It sounds like you have already removed the arm between the torsion
bar and the pump. Hopefully there was a way to do that so it can be
hooked back up exactly where it was, because I remember it being
tricky to adjust that. I had to replace my valve about ten years ago
and the price was $450 or so. Or at least I was told I needed to
replace it by a mechanic I later doubted, but I did replace it.

Still testing the valve function, need to get the wheels back on and try
pumping it a few times, the lever seems to be reasonably straightforward but
as its absolutely hurling down rain today that may have to wait!

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well got under the car today and had a go,

Open the bleeder valve (it should have a dust cap on it), and then
start the engine. You can see if the pump is working because if it is
it will pump out all the old fluid from the reservoir under the hood.

After the system drains, close the valve and put on the dust cap.

pump appears to be working, pumps out oil with the egine running, not a
massive gush but definitely running out faster

With regard to the valve, presumably the only way to check is with the
on its wheels?
i.e. with the lever disconnected if I point the lever up the car should
up etc but how long does it take to go up and down, and how far?
I found this link, is it relevant to the W124 ? I mean other than being
totally different car..


cheers for all the answers so far!