Re: Start date for 2008 MY production?

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Sometimes diesel is cheaper, sometimes it's not.
True. Overall, a diesel should be less expensive per mile than gas
or a hybrid, so long as you faithfully budget the cost-amortization on
the battery pack. I've not seen any good recent numbers on this, but
Toyota had claimed that the battery pack in the Prius represented an
additional 3 cents per mile expense. With this expense included, the
cost per mile of this hybrid fell in line (or worse than) the cost of
running a diesel.

Granted, such operating costs aren't necessarily all that high on the
priority list of buyers of a luxury car, but if you're trying to
reduce your Carbon footprint, it can be a consideration.

FWIW, the cost of a new battery on a Prius is $8000 which at $0.03/mile would have to last for 267,000 miles. I don't think so. That doesn't include indirect costs of disposing the old battery which could well wind up being passed on the consumer as well.


Nor does it include the cost in $ or lives of the cobalt in the battery, most of which comes from the old 'Belgian' Congo, one of the most oppressive regimes on earth, nor does it include the $ and human cost of the rare earth metals in the battery, most of which comes from China _the_ most oppressive regime on earth.

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