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The brushes cost me $1 and it took about half an hour to
repair the whole thing about 3-4 years ago and it's been
fine ever since.

yeah cheers for that m8, I did actually find that article meself (good
btw) but I was wondering what the actual spec for brush wear is, are both
the brushes in the pic 'oldnebr.jpg' used or is it new and old side by
Mine appear the same as the longer one of the two.
Also, the green resistor(?) visible in 'brushes3.jpg' appears to be
in mine, its not shiny like the pic more like verdigris, but it doesn't
scrape off.

Well, given the regulator is lke $18 or something it may be time to
spring for a new one.

I dunno what the spec is for brushes but they're over an inch long when
new and you can see in oldnebr.jpg that the ones there are short enough
to cause mine not to work.

I think it's a diode not a resister and that may be the source
of your problem.

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cheers mate nice one
so the brushes are terminal as well..if that is a diode that's explains a
lot.. hmmm wonder if the diode is replaceable, if I can source some brushes
separate and get that diode in- instant cheap spare!
The reg is already on order, though naturally in 'rip off Britain' its more
like £25 plus tax than $20...

cheers again