Re: 1986 500sel transmission prob

I was going to say you do have throttle pressure control but......

You say you have a 1986 500SEL???
In the USA, 1985 was the LAST year of the 380/500 series. 1986 was the first year of the 420/560

What exactly do you have??

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> Well, mine is a gasoline engine, not deisel. Thanks.
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> > The modulator controls the relative softness (or harshness) of shifts -
> > not WHEN shifts occur. (More vacuum to the modulator makes shifts softer.)
> >
> > The transmission is "told" the engine's throttle position. I don't know
> > how this is done on your model, older diesels have a rod or cable from
> > the throttle linkage down to the right side of the transmission. I
> > understand other models use vacuum to accomplish the same and suggest
> > your car may be one of these. A broken or leaking vacuum line would be
> > the suspect if that's so.
> >
> > Others may have more specific suggestions on this subject.