Re: SLK 230 Visors

The visors are attached by single screw terminals at both outboard and
inboard points with a straight rod between them. No inboard unlatch...and
the only ones like that I think I've seen on any car since the 1950's. Booo.

"Martin Joseph" <mercedes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> On 2005-09-28 07:07:44 -0700, "ts" <thespragues@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:
>> The sunvisors on my 2000 SLK 230 flip up and down but don't swing out on
>> a single pivot (to the side) as all of my others have done. Very
>> irritating for a convertible when the sun is right over the windshield
>> header.
>> Does anyone know if later models may have used a single post swivel
>> visor; or if there are any one the market that I could use to replace
>> these? Thanks.
> It should unhook from the center part of the vehicle and swing outward.
> This is a basic function is all sunvisors I have seen since the 50's.
> Look at it again, and check the owners manual if you have one...
> Marty