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Jeff wrote:
I just bought a 2001 E-class from a new car Mercedes dealer. The rain sensor was not attached (hanging down behind the rear view mirror) when I got the car, and they put on the paperwork when I bought it they would fix it. The glass has been replaced as the "A Mercedes-Benz Product" sticker was missing, and the glass didn't have the Mercedes star on it, but it is PPG glass. I have heard that Mercedes uses PPG for their glass. Should I demand a new windsheild?


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You buy a new windshield from MB!
It has to be perfectly bonded to the glass with no air bubbles or passages for light to enter.
Sorry, you cannot go the cheap route and buy a $99 aftermarket windshield that does not have the rain sensor installed. I see it happening at least once a week at the dealership I work at. Insurance companies don't want to step up to the plate and buy the correct parts to begin with, but in the end they pay twice. Once for the gypo glass and 2nd for the real one.

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Anyone know how to get the intermittent rain sensor reattached to the glass so it works?

Jan Widome

(Comment from Jan: If the paperwork said they would fix the rain sensor, then they really fix the rain sensor or commit consumer fraud. How they fix it is their problem, not yours. If the paperwork said they would replace the windshield, it sounds like they did what they said they would do - and you'll just have to live with the disgrace of driving a Mercedes with a fixed-interval intermittent wiper as opposed to a rain-sensing variable interval one.

FYI, here's how I am treating the problem now:

I removed the rain sensor altogether, including unplugging it, and now the intermittent setting does periodic swipes about once every 4 seconds - something I can live with until I maybe find an M-B junkyard windshield with rain-sensor intact (and even then I still may not want to shell out to install a whole windshield...)

When people ask me about recommending M-B, I just ask them whether they think it makes sense to buy a car which has an irreparable gimmick which may cost up to $600 to replace and which most people really won't miss, or whether they would like to spend their money a bit more sane-ly.

I wonder if a faulty wiper control can mean a recall or an 'unfitness' claim [$$$] ??)

Of course, if anyone from M-B is reading this, you're welcome to exercise your nasty little 'goodwill' program and fix the silly thing as only you can ...

Jan) .