Re: 1996 320 E Mercedes

My advice would be to forget it IF the vehicle is running ok . If not you'll
have to take it to the dealer and let them figure it out . The control arm
bushing certainly have nothing to do with the light appearing . I'm assume
you had a different problem when the shop did that repair . When you have a
10 year old German car with miles on it , you're not going to live happily
ever after.
"ballerinagul" <janicegreeneross@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have been trying to solve problems with my check engine light this
> entire summer. I have a 1996 E 320 with 150,000 miles on it. I
> bought the car new in '96. Lately, I have had a terrible time trying
> to determine the cause of my check engine light coming on. I use a
> private car shop to do my repairs. He assured me that he could fix
> the car with no problem. He has replaced the knock sensor, the
> battery, the upper and lower control arm bushings the air mass sensor,
> and the rear oxygen sensor. The last time I took the car in, the
> owner of the shop decided to take my car to the local dealership to
> have them run test (says he didn't have to right equipment to do so.)
> He used their diagnosis to do the last couple of repairs. Overall this
> summer I have spent over $3000.00 on this car. The light has just come
> on again. He now tells me that the model E 320 that I have had a lot
> of kinks in it because it was the first year this particular model was
> made and that it is difficult to repair all the sensors. It's not
> him it's the car. Is anyone aware of special problems with the E
> 320? Any advice for me?