Re: OT: Single male tip #1

On 6/12/10 9:22 PM, Robert James wrote:
On 12 Jun 2010 FrozenNorth, some kook from alt.2600 stopped thinking and
started drinking in news:hv17c4$qks$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

On 6/12/10 7:43 PM, Sycho wrote:
For all you single guys out there looking to attract a date, here's a
clever idea...

Cologne that smells like steak. At least she'll THINK you know how to
cook and still smell good. :)

Then there is Robert James, he just dabs a bit of vomit behind his ears.

Hay, Froz - you know all 'em teenage girls who are to pissed for there own
good and, like myself can not stand up strait and piss? Atleast they pass
out on my bed. Not your cold thurnooooooooomatress. O' by the way Forz, I
did not see your Toronto ass in Vancover for 2010... I guess you, like
Hatter failed again!

Still owned, after all these months.


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