Re: Data recovery

Peter Hood tossed the following at the wall, and it stuck:

For the first time in some five or six years of dropping by, I finally
have a genuine problem for which I'd like help, although I'm searching
for a solution on the web.

A friend of mine who is an author has a problem; his portable machine
won't boot up, and his work wasn't backed up. It seems that nothing
happens when he presses the power switch. It cut out on him earlier

It appears to be a power problem of some sort, rather than the drive. So
I wondered, is it possible to take the drives out of these things and
hook them up using a USB conversion kit?

I don't yet know what make and model it is, but assume that drives are
fairly standard, as with desktop machines.

Any help appreciated.

It should work, my wife's old lime green iMac crapped out, got a IDE/USB
case, and plugged it into a new Intel iMAc, the drive came right up along
with all her data. If that will work a PC should do the same, as long as
it wasn't encrypted.

You could plug it is as a slave drive in another box, using the existing as
the IDE master, if that works you should be good to go. It won't hurt the
data to try it.

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