Re: Gnarly...

ThePsyko <thepsyko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on the bathroom wall

On 07 Dec 2006 I stormed the castle called alt.2600 and heard nyarltep
cry out in news:Xns9892DE98C229nyarlathotep96707@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


How are things in the Aloha state?

life is good
bought a nice house with a view of diamond head from the bedroom
theres pics of our tv being delivered
been to a few bike rallys on my new harley dyna wide glide
weather is perfect for riding on the island
over 300 clear days a year
baby has learned to talk a bit and stand
subscribe to my youtube channel and check out her progress on video
we did have a earthquake a month ago though
i was sitting in bed and my wife was standing next to me when we felt it
the whole house shook for a few seconds
then again with a couple aftershocks