Re: hate this bitch

-=Biscuit=- wrote:
Rev Turd Fredericks <turdfred2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> delighted us to no
end by taking a lime green crayon and scribbling in
news:oGy9g.20688$6B1.10056@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, on the
hallowed day of Sat 13 May 2006 09:50:28p:

Geez, anthopology was one of the *harder* classes I ever took!
In fact, then entire CLASS bombed out on the mid-term. Too
many dates and facts and names and sub-terrainian
crap....*runs screaming*
Sociology was another one that was an easy credit, if you
couldn't hack that might as well give up :-)

For me it was Philosophy.

Yeah that was an easy one too, but it depended on the professor.

If English was good enough for Jesus
It's good enough for Texas.
-Texas proverb :-)