Re: Can you Hack? Make a few $$.

Robert27 wrote:
Raist,... you present an interesting scenario... the FBI might
contact all of the companies that I contact...

All? Wouldn't need more than 4 or 5 to detect a pattern.

HIGHLY unlikely, I
think. This is merely a white-collar crime... the FBI has more
important things to deal with. And if my hacker is Good, then he won't
be detected.

.... and would be charging you a lot of money...

Thus, ESPECIALLY if no corporation's computer system is
harmed, then this is merely Petty theft...

Bzzt. Incorrect. Any crime involving computers carries prison terms and fines *way* out of proportion. Seriously, you would probably get a lesser sentance busting into the office and demanding the intormation at gunpoint. Not that I recommend that either. Oh, and if it crosses state lines, crank it up a few more notches...


That's why I came to this group.
Oh, come on now,... a "federal felony"?

Yes. A Federal Felony. Do not pass go, go straight to Pound-me-in-the-ass Prison.

OK,... I Give Up. I SURRENDER, people! I'll go thru the tedious
method of individually getting contact info, as I've been doing. OK?

Good plan.