Re: Stopping/Slowing Power Meter with Magnet

jacejune@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Does anyone know if there is any power meter that cannot be slowed down
by a magnet? I have successfully stopped my power meter from spinning
with a powerful magnet but recently the power utility changed my meter
to a new one, which looks similar to the old meter but its casing is
frosted. When i tried the same magnet trick on this new meter, it
doesn't seem to do slow down the meter from running. In fact, as far
as i can notice, the magnet doesn't seem to be able to affect the meter
at all. Could they have shielded the meter magnetically? Does anyone
know where else i can place the magnet? By the way, for my old meter,
i placed the magnet at the bottom part of the meter casing and that
seem to stop the meter.

That's called "theft of utilities" and is a real bozo no-no if you get
caught. Baiscally, they know what you did (yes, you weren't the first one
to figure that one out). Besides modifying the casing, they also moved the
part of the meter that "spins" back from the window and insulated the
bottom of the casing. You'd have to have one Hell of a magnet to affect it
now. You're lucky you weren't caught and prosecuted. They gave you the
benefit of the doubt. If I were you, I'd let it go.
I know a guy that got caught doing just that (and he also stole cable
television.) He got arrested and fined.