Re: What's Wrong The Tech World? (a Hatter rant)

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>Crawdad@xxxxxxxxx (Yomamma Bin Crawdaddin) wrote in
>>>> You know not being in debt doesn't actually account for much.
>>>It accounts for a lot according to my accountant.
>> Once you have an established payment history.
>> Having no outstanding debt adds a lot to your credit rating.
>It also makes you feel really good. Trust me, I'm a .... ;-)

It is a stress reliever.

>> More money than you know what to do with eh?
>> Can I interest you in an honorary membership in the Republican party.
>Awww, I'm *already* a member of the Party, bro. Have been since I was 18.
>Thought you knew that. :)

There goes my recruiting quota for the year.

>>>It's in Mississippi but my heart is nationwide?
>> You will return one day Doc.
>> On the day of your return, We will celebrate and there will be much
>> rejoicing.
>> Yay.....
>And I'll be able to get away with calling someone "Coonass" without
>getting funny looks :-)

You may call me "Coonass" whenever you wish.
Just smile when you say it.
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