Re: What's Wrong The Tech World? (a Hatter rant)

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> Yomamma Bin Crawdaddin wrote:
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> > That is where you are the idiot Matthew.
> > When the model year is coming to an end and the manufacturer
> > is seeing that he will have to pay taxes on and inventory
> > that will depreciate as soon as the model year ends. They are looking
> > not only to reduce their year end inventory, but also to create a cash
> > flow over time. They only want to get the vehicles off the lot for
> > more reasons than you think of Matthew.
> > They get paid by Chrysler for every car they sell whether they make a
> > profit of not. Even if they sell you the car at their cost they get a
> > dealer's re-imbursement from the manufacturer, Matthew.
> > All they want is to move numbers at this time of the year.
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> > :-)
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> > Yomamma bin Crawdaddin
> I dont know how things are run over there, but here 0% finance works on
> the principle of By Now Pay Later (BNPL). The finance company rely on
> the common laziness of people to leave it till the end to pay it, should
> you fail to pay off the full amount by the end of the term, you are
> entered into a 3year contract, paying monthly, at about 29.7% interest.
> Thats where they make their money. This used to work better for them as
> up until recently, they wernt required to notify you that the 0% term
> was coming to an end. So all they do is loan money, they arent losing
> any as you either pay the full loan amount back in time, failure todo so
> makes them 30% apr profit on your loan.

Ooooooooh. So that's how it works. I *knew* there was a catch in
somewhere. Not that the monthly payments are exactly a dream either.

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