Re: As if Sony wasn't in enough shit

FrozenNorth wrote:
Have a gander at their EULA

"Hobble-ware"? I like that.

Mark R.'s comments about it claiming to install other software but never mentioning that the software would try to hide was enough for me to frown on their EULA. Now I've got more.

It also proves that EULA's should be ignored. They are useless for enforcing any laws, do not prove contractor agreements, and are a useful tool to confuse the end-user. They don't bind you to anything since it can't be proven, in court, that either an error didn't pass the EULA altogether or that someone else clicked the "approve" button. They are on super weak grounds claiming that we were properly warned. Now if they used a digital signature, that would be different in my mind.

According to some court districts, you can't limit a person's right to tort rights. So someplaces, if they try to sue, it will thrown out of court, assuming your lawyer is competent.

Disclaimer: this is just a layman's vision of how things work underneath the black robe.