Re: oops...didnt mean any ofence!

On Sun, 18 Sep 2005, Prozac wrote:

> hi there,
> i never thought my languauge would be a problem in a group
> like 2600. well,im a real i never was expecting so much of
> criticism!
> well...'buk' was meant to be a 'book' which year r u
> living in? 1997?
> i that language is oerfectly alright in othr groups where
> im member...
> neways..geks out there pls temme abt changing frm a Windows platform
> to a Linux one.
> siginin off
> Prozac
Sacrifice yourself (or at least your computer) to google. Then move to
windows xp and make sure to keep the fuzzy curvy edged theme, it will suit
you. Then you can try things like changing the colour of the scroll bars
and say "OMFG! 1 4m s0 1337! I ju5t h4><oReD M$ W1nd0ws ><P!"